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We regret to inform you that HitTail is being shutdown. The last day HitTail will be available is 16 October 2020. You can export your site keywords list before 16 October 2020 by visiting Source Keywords or MY Hot Keywords tab by signing into your hittail account. In order to provide you with sufficient time to prepare we have extended your subscription to expire on this date at no cost to you.

You can also choose to cancel your subscription anytime prior to this date by following article https://www.hittail.com/faq/cancel to close account.

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The Long Tail Keyword Tool for Your Website

HitTail is a dream long tail keyword tool for website owners, bloggers and marketers who want to increase traffic from Google and other search engines.

HitTail – Long Tail Keyword Tool

Keyword Research Made Easy

HitTail is the only long tail keyword tool that provides keyword suggestions by analyzing your existing website traffic. It provides you with very specific long tail keywords that are relevant to your audience.

And what is important, you don't have to be an SEO or spend hours on keyword research – HitTail works in the background, constantly giving you new keyword ideas, while you can focus on other stuff.

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With over 1.3 billion keywords analyzed, HitTail is a proven tool for driving more search visitors to your website.


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What Are Long Tail Keywords?

In short, long tail keywords are search phrases that contain 3 or more words. Naturally, the more words a keyword phrase contain, the more specific it is.

Why Should I Target Long Tail Keywords?

Often, getting into the Top 10 of Google search results with a long tail keyword is as easy, as just writing an article or publishing a landing page optimized for that specific keyword. Here is a case - let's consider these two keywords:


At first sight they look to be pretty relevant. But the thing is there are numerous different keyword tools for different SEO purposes, including:

  • keyword research tool
  • keyword competition analysis tool
  • keyword rank tracking tool
  • keyword search volume estimation tool
  • keywords density analysis tool
  • long tail keyword tool

Unless you offer an all-in-one keyword tool, which covers all the above features, you don't want to target the generic phrase - "keyword tool" - because you would have to outrank hundreds or even thousands of websites even though they are not your direct competitors. Instead, focus on your specific niche. That's how we've got into the Top 3 of Google search results with the phrase "long tail keyword tool".

Numerous studies in the SEO industry confirm that long tail keywords make up more than 70% of all searches performed on the web, with only 30% left for the generic 1- or 2-word phrases. This is because there are millions of unique keyword variations comprised of phrases with 3+ words:

Long Tail Keywords Curve

Long tail keywords give you virtually an endless stream of new ideas for writing articles and composing landing pages relevant to your niche. In turn, you get more and more organic traffic coming from searches for those keywords.

Generally, visitors who search for descriptive long-tail keywords are more qualified and hence convert better compared to those coming from generic searches. Here is another example:

Generic keyword:

Long tail keyword:

If you are selling catering services in Palo Alto, you'd better target the long tail keyword, since visitors coming from it are very likely to place an order, while it is hard to predict intent of visitors searching Google with a single word "catering".

Targeting long tail keywords is a good strategy for driving relevant organic search traffic. But you can use long tail keywords in your paid search campaigns too. Because of lower competition, such keywords usually have lower cost per click (CPC), while bring your ads higher on the search result pages. Combined with higher conversion rates, long tail keywords generate much better return on your ad investments.

How HitTail Stands Out from Other Long Tail Keyword Tools

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Keyword Ideas

Search for keyword ideas based on your entered term or phrase. Get hundreds of search queries relevant to your topic along with their estimated search volume.

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My Hot Keywords

Unique in the industry, this feature provides you with highly relevant long tail keywords by analyzing your website’s existing organic search traffic.

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SEO Checker

Use this tool to optimize your web-pages for the target keywords. It highlights issues that affect
your page rankings and gives you advice on
how to fix them.

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