About Us

HitTail is grass-fed, organic software lovingly handcrafted by the Numa Group in Fresno, California.

We know software is only one piece of the puzzle, so although we invest a tremendous amount of creative energy into crafting HitTail, we also focus on making every interaction with us knock your socks clean off and into the wash. We do this both with HitTail and its email marketing sister application, Drip.

HitTail launched to the public in 2006 and built a substantial user base of nearly 40,000 users with a total of 50,000 domains. The Numa Group acquired HitTail in 2011.

Since its inception HitTail has helped tens of thousands of bloggers and webmasters maximize their search engine optimization and marketing campaigns to extend their reach and develop new revenue streams.

HitTail has been featured in publications such as PC World, BusinessWeek, TechCrunch and CNET.

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