HitTail Scheduled Maintenance – 18th November, 2016 (Friday)

Dear HitTail customers,

To ensure that HitTail continues to run smoothly, we are going to have some scheduled maintenance on Friday, the 18th of November, 2016.

This maintenance is going to be held between 09:00am – 09:30am GMT+00.

Please note that HitTail services will be unavailable during this period. We are expecting that downtime will be no more than 30 minutes.

We tried to schedule the downtime during this period to minimize disruption to our customers as much as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime.

Kind regards,
The HitTail Team

Keyword Ideas – a Brand New and Ultimately Useful Tool in HitTail

Keyword Ideas HitTail

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of a brand new tool, called Keyword Ideas. It allows you to get keyword ideas based on your entered term or phrase.

Unlike existing HitTail keyword suggestions feature, this new tool is not dependent on your website’s traffic, meaning you can use it even if you’ve just launched a new website or blog.

All you have to do is to enter a phrase (which could be a topic, service or product) and click Search. HitTail will generate keyword ideas highly relevant to the entered phrase, which people use in real life when searching Google. Each keyword idea comes with an estimated number of monthly searches and the number of web-pages you will have to compete with when targeting a given keyword. You can try the new tool for free by signing up on this page.

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Meet the New HitTail Team

Greetings to all HitTail users and followers!

Today we have exciting news – HitTail has been acquired by a new team of experienced search engine marketers, developers and designers. Stas Tatarin – HitTail’s new manager – has over 8 years of experience in search engine marketing and is happy to become a part of the HitTail team.


“I feel truly grateful to Rob, who has been building HitTail during the last several years, for the opportunity to take HitTail over and continue its success. I believe that search engine marketing will remain one of the most efficient ways to promote businesses and brands online for the coming several years. Whether you have an e-commerce website or blog as a hobby, being found easier on search engines is the key to success.

At the same time, I realize that not everyone needs to be a SEO expert to be able to drive targeted search visitors to their websites. And not everyone has the resources needed to hire expensive search engine marketers or agencies. If this is the case, HitTail is a great and efficient solution.

What’s more, most keyword tools require the website owner to come up with keyword ideas, but HitTail analyzes existing traffic and provides suggestions for new keywords each month, based on existing traffic. HitTail works in the background and provides you with new keyword suggestions daily or weekly, while you can focus on other tasks. It is easy to set up too, as it doesn’t require any code snippets to be deployed across the website.

It is kind of “hands off” tool that I’ve been asked for many times. I was excited when I first found HitTail and now I’m really happy to know that we just acquired it.”

– Stas Tatarin

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New HitTail Live Widget being Tested

Hey baby, wanna see my HitTail?

Would you share the first page of your HitTail Search Hits data with the world?

Well, it used to be that you had to log into your own site (or as Connors) to see how cool and addicting our real-time Search Hit tab in HitTail is. But we wanted to start giving everyone a feel for the “black river of keywords” that exists in any site without logging in.

So, we’re testing this new “HitTail Live” widget on our own site for now—but based on whether people like this feature, we might make it available to the public. First, I’m interested in what you think. So, comment!

This widget it somewhat in the spirit of the “search voyeur” features that used to be built into sites like Excite and AOL Search in years past, where you can have insight to the “search stream”. Lately, this has been supplanted by Google Zeitgeist. But somehow, we still think that viewing the real-time flow in a voyeuristic fashion is still hugely appealing. It’s the same issue as day-after Google Analytics, vs. the viewing the real-time click-stream that makes folks like this blogger continue to use HitTail over other choices. Both have their uses, but as this writer states, there’s just something about watching those hits come in.

So, if you’re interested in using this widget on your website, let us know with comments. It’s not a sure thing. For example, would you actually be OK with SHOWING OTHERS the flow of traffic leading into your site? Is it giving too much away?

Personally, I feel it will help reveal the trends on the Internet that the online marketing community doesn’t want to acknowledge: natural search is king. Paid search (which is indistinguishable from natural search from a referrer perspective), which you can identify by the “lack” of a natural listing, is just way less common than people think. Sure, it can drive traffic, but can it even begin to compete with natural search niche domination?

By showing you this widget, we’re now also showing you a slice of the traffic coming to the HitTail site itself. It’s also a wonderful example of how awesome our filters are. Doing this should by all reason pollute our data with people surfing or referrer links. But it won’t. Think about that. If you click one of those links in the Widget, and surf BACK INTO the HitTail site using a reproduced Google search, shouldn’t you see that you just did that in our widget? Shouldn’t that sort of self-referential referrer loop ruin the data?

In any other tracking system, it would.

And THAT sort of subtlety is why folks like Tatraplan detect something special about HitTail’s particular brand of showing referrers.

And with this new public-facing widget, we think there’s a much easier way to check out HitTail’s coolness, without “logging in as Connors”.

If you agree, and might like one of these for yourself, let us know.

A Meetup Invitation, a Connors Client Slot, and a Link-Back

Anyone who is in the New York area tonight is welcome to stop by they Prey bar for the SEO Superpowers Meetup, and say hello to the HitTail and Connors Communications crew.

A few other items I want to get out there in this post: Connors Communications, the company that created HitTail, and played a fundamental role in kick-starting the commercial Internet, has a few slots opening up in its SEO and PR schedule. Usually, engagements start at no less than $25K/mo. I thought I’d mention it on the HitTail blog, since this is where much of our audience currently resides. So if you know of someone with a large AdWords budget, looking to diversify and free themselves from the Google Tax Man, then drop us a line or corner me at Prey.

Also, for anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, almost any reference you make to HitTail in your blog post will usually score you a mention and a link-back in our TypePad collection of quotes and testmonials. So, if you’ve been waiting to say a few nice words about us, now seems like a good time.

And finally, I’m really pushing to get people to sign up for at least the Plus service, just as a way of supporting us. It’s only $99.95 per year, and think how much time we’re saving you struggling with those other analytics packages that ask you to jump through hoops before you figure out what to do with your data. As our quote page shows, we’re rapidly becoming an integral part of many peoples’ day-to-day marketing activities, and the surest way to a long-term relationship is throwing a little support our way!