Long Tail Keyword: A Little Known SEO Marketing Strategy

Image: Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A long tail keyword is a longer phrase composed of three or more words. This phrase normally has a low search volume compared to a general keyword. However, it can generate enough search volume to make it worthy of inclusion in your SEO marketing efforts.

There is one simple reason for this: people type exactly what they’re looking for into search engines more often than just the general keyword.

To better explain it, here are two examples:

  • General keyword: Blogging
  • Long tail keyword: How to make money blogging

While typing the general keyword will return with a broad search engine result page (SERP), a long tail keyword will bring forth the information they’re looking for as well as the websites they can find it at – hopefully your website being one of those listed.

So, besides giving visitors a chance to find exactly what they’re looking for, what are some other reasons that make a long tail keyword a beneficial part of your SEO marketing efforts?

If they visit your website, you have a chance to convert them from a visitor to either a buyer or subscriber. This conversion is done with either a purchase from your website or an option to sign up for your newsletter.

Additionally, if you partake in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, you can expect less competition; giving you a better click through rate (CTR). The cost for PPC is even lower when you use a long tail keyword versus a general keyword.

Every website owner should know who their audience is; after all, these people are vital to your site’s success. Using a long tail keyword helps you to know them better based on the specific phrase they are using to search with. Use this as your advantage to make your website better and cater to their needs by creating web content that answers their questions. Make sure that each content page contains a long tail keyword that’s befitting for your niche and the content it’s embedded in.

This, in effect, improves your website by making web visitors see you as the “go-to” website for their information. Your link popularity will also increase.

For the sake of getting more visitors, ranking high on SERP is a goal desired by all website owners. It is more achievable with a long tail keyword because as previously mentioned, people most often type in specific information versus a general keyword.

It is extremely important to remember that you should never use a long tail phrase on a webpage that isn’t related to that phrase. Doing this could possibly lead to search engine providers banning your site.

Just putting up a nicely designed website alone does not guarantee internet success. Go the extra step of taking time to research and find a long tail keyword that will bring your webpages and website as a whole to the forefront of search engine results. And that’s the entire goal of what we do here at HitTail.

Perfect Keyword Tool for the Recession

You’d think that after four years, the incredibly actionable HitTail keyword tool would start losing it’s appeal, but as it turns out, the tough economic conditions are actually just opening Marketers’ eyes to the wisdom of targeting the long tail. It’s an easy and systematic method of bringing in well qualified prospective customers and audience to your website without spending a dime.

Well, technically it’s $10/mo and your time writing.

But that’s the perfect way to spend your money right now. Dig in and fortify by producing copious perfectly optimized content. It will likely produce some new customers today, but when economic conditions improve, you will have performed the content-build already, and be positioned for a real take-off!

Our competitors know this, and are bidding in AdWords on our keywords. Ha Ha Ha! It’s nice to be acknowledged as the leader. Unfortunately, try as I might, I can’t find pricing on their website. I bet THEY’RE not $10/mo.

So stick with the actionable keyword tool leader, who is also the best priced. We want to be your best friend during this recession.

Is Google Analytics Killing Your Website?

I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying that, but here’s an article that does. In short, it equates the walls-of-data and charts to passive “oh, isn’t that nice” TV watching, as opposed to “here’s what you should do to improve things” the way other software, such as, ohhhhh, I don’t know… HitTail does!

The Art of Writing Damn Good Blogs

The Art of Writing Damn Good Blogs: “Most bloggers have a topic in mind for their blog right from the start.

However, don’t just flail around wildly in the topic as you try to write your posts. You need to find out what your readers want, what they will respond to, and what will get them to take action.

Once you understand your readers, you will be able to provide them with something of value to them in your blog posting.”

Another tip to gain from this article is to scroll down to to near the bottom, and take note of their “Tweet This” link… clever!

Best Longtail Tool

Mike LevinIf you’re trying to understand how the best longtail tool for selecting keywords for new website content works, check out this flow chart. We used to promote this flowchart rather heavily on the HitTail site. Unfortunately, it’s been played down. But I encourage you to check it out to see how you can begin effective longtail marketing today.