What are “My Hot Keywords”?

Hot Keywords are search terms that we gather by analyzing your website’s organic search traffic. After we extract the terms, we run them through our proprietary algorithm that has analyzed more than 1.2 billion keywords to determine whether you can easily benefit from using them.

If you find a suggested hot keyword that you already target on your website, this might be because your website is not among Google’s Top 10 with this particular keyword yet, but you have a very good chance to get there. By getting into Google’s Top 10 with this keyword, you can increase organic search traffic multiple times compared to what the keyword brings you currently.

Just make sure to include the suggested keyword into Title tag, headers and throughout the text on the web-page where you target the keyword. The aim is to apply on-page optimization techniques to improve rankings of your web-page for that specific keyword.

If you find suggested hot keywords that you haven’t targeted yet, you can use them as topics to add new content to your site.

Sometimes, you may also see irrelevant keywords in the My Hot Keywords tab. This is because all websites have some portion of junk traffic. If you see such a keyword, just ignore or delete it from the list.