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  Discover issues that may affect your web-page rakings

  Get advice on how to optimize your page for the target keyword

  Check whether you follow the best on-page SEO practices

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How Does HitTail SEO Checker Work?

HitTail SEO Checker is a powerful on-page SEO analysis tool. It scans your web-pages for over 50 important SEO signals, which search engines use in their algorithms.

For each web-page, the tool provides you with an individual report that highlights SEO issues affecting your page rankings along with actionable and easy-to-follow recommendations on how to fix them.

To name a few, the tool analyzes the following on-page factors:

  URL length and structure   Page speed
  Title tag and meta description   Mobile usability
  Heading tags   Social media metrics
  ALT attributes and other HTML elements   Sitemap availability
  Content and target keyword density   Robots.txt and robots <META> tag issues
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Your Go-To On-Page SEO Analysis Tool
When It Comes to Keyword Optimization.

Unlike other on-page SEO analysis tools, HitTail SEO Checker provides you with page- and keyword-centric optimization advice.

You just need to specify your web-page’s URL and enter the keyword that you want to target on the page. HitTail will analyze source code along with content of the page, like search engine spiders do, and will give you detailed recommendations on how to optimize the web-page for your target keyword.

For each individual page - keyword pair, you get dedicated reports and tips. This makes HitTail SEO Checker a perfect on-page SEO analysis tool for bloggers, website owners, copywriters, SEOs and content marketers who target keywords on their websites and want to be sure to follow the latest on-page optimization techniques.

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How Can HitTail SEO Checker Help Grow Your
Website Traffic?

According to MOZ:

“On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized, as opposed to off-page SEO which refers to links and other external signals.”

HitTail SEO Checker eliminates the need of researching and learning tens of on-page SEO factors that influence your page rankings. Instead, you just enter your page’s URL and a target keyword, while HitTail does the rest for you.

Once analysis is finished, you get straightforward plain-English guidelines on how to optimize the page’s content and source code in order to target your specified keyword.

HitTail always uses up-to-date algorithms and follows the best on-page SEO techniques. It also highlights what signals have really high impact on SEO and what signals can be skipped without affecting your page rankings.

In addition to that, HitTail includes a keyword research tool, which allows you to find profitable keywords that you may want to target on your website. Combined with the SEO Checker, it gives you a nearly full-cycled toolbox needed for publishing SEO-friendly content and growing organic search traffic coming to your website.

A typical workflow of publishing SEO-friendly content with the help of HitTail may include the following steps:

1. Research keywords using the HitTail Keyword Tool.
    (See this guide on how to find keywords for your website)
2. Draft a web-page and include your target keywords into it.
3. Use HitTail SEO Checker to analyze the web-page and get advice on how to optimize it by applying the best on-page SEO techniques.


“HitTail is a great tool for bloggers, internet marketers, SEOs, and anyone who want to grow their organic search traffic… After using HitTail, we found that we increased our organic search traffic by 20% in less than 2 months.”

Source:  WPBeginner
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“Obviously blog posts can become tiresome, because it’s not just a blog post. If all I had to do was write a guitar lesson or story that would be easy. But first I check HitTail and look at the suggestions and what I need help in ranking for.”

Source:  Search Engine Land

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